Roses are red, records are black (well, most of them) and spring has come with this awesome record selection from Misbits Record Shop, ready to be delivered to your homes. Julie Marghilano, Admnti, Disk, Andu Simion and Skymn made it on this month’s chart, comprised mainly of minimal stuff with deep house touches here and there so be sure to grab your copy while they’re still on Misbits’ stocks. Click on the picture to listen to some audio samples

1. Julie Marghilano – Mercury Jasmine [Sol Asylum]

2. Admnti – Euphorbia [As One Ldn]

3. Disk – Funny Gait [Whiteloops]

4. Andu Simion – Heavy Glow [Palinoia]

5. Skymn – Biker Scene [Hypnus Records]