Even if you were just pinched in recent years by Romania’s underground scene, it’s almost impossible you haven’t encountered Vid‘s deep, dark and disturbing sound. Transforming that genetic Romanian nostalgia into close to unbearable emotions, Bacău born Sorin Rastoaca has dug his own beautiful path into the house & techno groove for a quite few years, releasing on Brouqade or Pleasure Zone and on his own label, An|dromeda.

So time has come to let him reveal his Romanian roots and sources of inspiration with an amazing mix, recorded at Avi Cola Târgu Mureș (containing only Romanian related tracks) and a short yet delightful interview.



The place you’d move for your whole life

I love Cluj, so i would love to live in a small house somewhere there


The visual artist you like the most

Andrei Cadere

The figure who encompasses the Romanian spirit

I think there are so many i could talk about but for me Costin Miereanu is a personal favorite.


The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again

One of my favorite albums is from my childhood called  “Dor Calator” from Marina Voica.. I have the original album releasead in 1972.

One of my favorite Romanian artist that i could listen over and over again is Costin Miereanu and also his “Carrousel” album i listen to this day


The club closest to your heart

I would have to say Club Avi ( Tg Mures ), it’s more than a club.. it’s family and family always comes first


The spot that you can tag as iconic for Bucharest (or your hometown)

For Bucharest I can say Club Guesthouse and for my hometown is Club Zebra and will always be Club Zebra in my opinion.


The best dinner you had in Romania

Best dinner I had in Romania was a couple of weeks ago in Tg Mureș at Restaurant Privo, I heartly recommend it


The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most


De Pe La Noi series aims to go deep into the Romanian underground to discover the beauty of this holy land and the amazing people that inhabit it. Each episode features a Romanian artist mixing only Romanian sounds and pointing out a few places and people that inspire him into his work.