You’ve probably got lost for quite a few times into Dubphone‘s dark productions, tailored to entangle your soul into a world of dancefloor feelings. Claudiu has scored numerous releases for labels like Serialism, Get Physical or Baille Music, yet the real deal comes from his own imprint, Vandalism Musique, now 10 years old: a label that promotes artists that go under the radar, while fueling the undergrounds with good music.

Long story short, Dubphone accepted our invitation for De Pe La Noi, a mix series where Romanian DJs showcase Romanian productions only. Claudiu met our expectations with his mix, filled with unreleased gems from artists like Leanca, Vlad Arapasu, Dubphone, Sepp, Amelia or Illi. We also had a nice chat about his love for our amazing homeland, Romania 👇🇷🇴

The place in Romania you’d move for your whole life:

Predeal, actually is the place my family came from to Muntenia in early 60’s

The Romanian graphic artist you like the most: Dreamrec



The character who encompasses the Romanian spirit:  Vlad Tepes


The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again:

Certainly my friends and source of inspiration from [a:rpia:r] with the release reference 12 – Petre Inspirescu [Gradina Onirica]. I was obssesed with this record, maybe I still am… you should check Napadit de Mistic and the F side, Ipsilante Purces. Definetly I have a top 30 of obssesive records but this one occupies with great success the first place.

Talking more about music, I think Cezar Lazar on Amphia is such a good record and I listened it as well on repeat.
From abroad I have also some favourites: BLM – All Hooked Up And Ready To Go, Sonja Moonear on Perlon 84 and Federico Molinari – Takk Brett.

The club closest to your heart
I loved many places, yet in the past 3 years I dedicated myself 100% only to production. But I remember the craziest feelings and nights at Ibiza Underground U, playing there or also supporting, was a great feeling always. In Berlin I loved the long afterhours at Goldengate Club or the longest set I’ve ever played 26 hours at Salon Zur Wilden Renate.

The spot that you can tag as iconic for your hometown
You can find me many times watching the sunsets near the Herastrau Lake watching white swans, but referring to music I would say that Gradina Monteoru got me super inspired lately maybe because it was my first gig back in 2022 when I returned to live in Bucharest, but also the parties I attended there, top notch Raresh and Arapu birthday party. Amazing vibes!

The best dinner you had in Romania
At my grandmother’s house, always. She cooks the best food in the world not only in Romania on the same position with my future wife.

The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most
Multumesc, I am grateful for everything this life gave me … the good or the bad it made me the person I am today and for this I will always be grateful.