Ell & Sandy Select: 5 Banoffee Pies Tracks To Make You Fall In Love With Its Amazing Sound

    Yes, we admit, we have a crush on Bristol’s Banoffee Pies Records and its utterly wild sound, jumping from frisky disco to deep house with jazzy stitches and from murky house stuff to raw minimal techno. So we decided to have a super short chat with Ell & Sandy, the masterminds behind the imprint, to find the reason we fell in love so bad and what drove us to add an important chunk from the Banoffee catalog to our record collection. And yeah, a 5 tunes playlist just to make a first impression of what we’re talking about ;)

    Born in 2013, established in Bristol, Banoffee Pies stuck to its “no signature sound” policy, releasing quite few records since then.

    Best place to eat a proper banoffee pie.
    At our spiritual home and birth place of the pie, The Hungry Monk in Sussex (we’ve never been but apparently it’s alright).


    Is there a recipe for choosing the tracks for the BPR releases?
    Good music, good feelings, friends and family inclusive. No restrictions on style – it’s better that way.
    If you are asked to make a 3 word description for the artists you can find on BPR…
    All really sound.
    How does Bucharest’s underground scene look like from Bristol?
    We’ve visited the city once and it’s beautiful. We went to a few clubs and some afters house in the woods – very funky. Looking forward to coming back, hopefully someday to play some music.


    Can Banoffee Pies get any more eclectic than it is right now?
    Definitely. Keep your eyes peeled – we are just getting started.

    Hansel – 2-16


    Christian Jay – Rhotic


    Crump  – JHE


    Larry De Kat – Starry Nite


    Adam Strömstedt – Rent



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