Alexandra Selects: 10 Tracks From My Phone That I Listen To During My Flights

    An integral part of Bucharest’s house & techno underground culture, Alexandra quickly became one of our favourite DJs and record selectors thanks to her skill of adding that special positive vibe into her sets, seamlessly inserting a plethora of styles and influences into her silky smooth performances. You can also feel this special energy at Melliflow, the Berlin based record label she owns and runs alongside her lifetime friend, Vera.

    As we wanted to explore deeper into Alexandra’s musical preferences, we asked her to reveal 10 tracks from her personal playlist and boy, this was rewarding: we received a short selection from her huge phone playlist (counting hundreds of tracks) she is listening to during her flights to various corners of this tiny world we live in. Expect some funk, Detroit, pop, techno, IDM flavours and everything between!

    Enjoy as much as we did :)

    Real McCoy – Come And Get Your Love


    Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me


    Ian O’Brien – Desert Scores & Fusion Daddies


    Inertia – Satisfaction


    In Sync – Storm


    James Brown – It’s A Man’s Man’s World


    Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation


    Autechre – Vletrmx (Plaid Remix)


    Mouse on Mars – Pinwheel Herman



    Jackmate & The Missing Links – Discodisco2

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