There’s something strangely attractive in Cosmin TRG’s abrasive sound, a dark force that keeps pulling you towards the center of his techno infused universe. At times, this force resembles his left field influences, yet most of the times it is powered by his roots in the rich underground culture nested in Romania.

Releases for 50Weapons, Rush Hour, Hessle Audio or Hemlock come as a sonic proof for his unsatiable hunger for exploring new musical territories. In this context, Fizic, Cosmin’s own record label, appears to connect the dots between his visions and the vast world of audio experiments made out of beatless abstract shapes and techno strips.

After a long production hiatus, Cosmin TRG returns in March with Ecstatic Data, a full length ambient x left field album at Berlin based Feral Note. You can pre-order the album here.

Aside his substantial contribution to the electronic music underworld, there’s a more visual side of his creative spirit. The past years has caught Cosmin exploring the cinematic arts. 2024 marks his debut as a screenwriter and director. Cinci Faze, a short movie produced by Icon Production, will start shooting this spring, while a feature film is in the early stages with the same production company.

As we were eagerly waiting to delve inside his musical universe, we asked Cosmin to come up with a track selection. He exceeded our expectations, as he listed 12 amazing Romanian electronic moments, randomly placed on the timeline, yet focused on the fertile contemporary Romanian underground that manage to spawn a truly mature and distilled sound.


Eirwud Mudwasser – Hahahaha So Sad – 2019


Khidja & Balabas – Apã Grea – 2018


Suburbs – Moldavi II – 2018


AK41 – The Man Who Wasn’t There – 2017


Costin Miereanu – Finis-Terre – 1984


Octavian Nemescu – Metabizantinirikon for Saxophone and Magnetic Tape – 1986


Petre Inspirescu – Vin Ploile – 2015


Simina Oprescu – Intersections Live Sessions – 2018


Makunouchi Bento – 27 Seconds on A Plank – 2010


Aura Urziceanu – Seară de Jazz cu Aura (1974)

Dyl – Pădurea Fermecată – 2023

Ștefan Baghiu – Pseudokinegeticos 2020