Think about this: 40,000 songs are released every single day on Spotify alone! 1.2 million per month! A musical ocean, indeed! So, whether you’re navigating on your own or drifting into the musical vastness looking for a light, you need a guide. Record selectors, musical curators… they present themselves under different names, but essentially they spend countless days and sleepless nights digging for music.

Andrei Popa aka Direkt is that kind of a record selector that is totally worth to follow. Part of the new breed of Romania’s thriving underground, Direkt had a prolific year with a handful of releases for Atipic Lab, Soper Univers, Thinc or Micro Orbit.

His newest EP, The Path Of Most Resistance, came out in December 2020 at the Berlin based Subtil Records. The snazzy minimalistic tunes prove to be perfect for Subtil’s anniversary EP (the 20th), so be sure you get your copy from Black Round Twelve.

Until then, take a dive with Direkt’s track selection from the depths of the musical ocean, as diverse as it gets.