Somewhere in the 90s’, when Bucharest was suffocated by dirty kiosks with cheap ass merchandise from Istanbul’s bazaars, the electronic underground was living its primordial soup phase: influenced by the record selection offered by vinyl shops from Budapest (one of the cities from where romanian DJs where refreshing their collections), searching its identity through various genres (from rave to jungle, from drum n bass to IDM), with a genuine crowd expecting to discover new artists and sounds in an era where MTV and some late night radio shows were the only electronic music sources around.

At that time, Web Club was thriving on this unpolished scene. As we feel a bit nostalgic about those years, we asked Dobrică (Șuie Paparude) to throw us back with quick 5 track selection.

Șuie Paparude will headline tonight’s event from the newly Club Subteran > details here

Aphex Twin Heliosphan

Underworld Rez

Biosphere Kobresia

Joy Divison Atmosphere

Leftfield Inspection