Apparently all roads are leading to Mannheim these days. After Benni Wind, member of a well established collective operating around the BE9 agency, shared some insightful data about what’s cooking on this side of Germany’s underground, it’s time to go on the artist level and reveal the driving forces behind Mannheim’s creative flow nowadays.

Fabe assumed the challenging task of opening new paths into the house & techno realms. Spreading classic house music influences on a minimalist techno framework, the Mannheim based DJ & producer has built his reputation on top of his releases for Cocoon, Mulen, BodyParts, La Peña Shots, Kusi and, of course, Salty Nuts, his own imprint. Here is where we find Fabe’s debut album, Water Tower.

Fabe will play on the 19th of May at Fabric London for the ‘Steppin’ Motion showcase, alongside Lee Burton and Herck, our homie :) Until then, he took us for a quick 5 tracks sonic ride to the roots of his minimalist sound.