Hard times, indeed. At least in our world, where it’s all about connecting at different levels: from the mood set by the record selector, heavily influenced by the dance floor, to the vibes linking all dancing beings on a truly subtle layer. Yet, maybe it was time to take a break from the fast paced life that had only stole our attention away from what’s really important: ourselves.

Maher Daniel found the perfect way of expressing his creative self through The Other Side, his own imprint, launched five years ago. Balanced between his musical vision and daringly inovative artists from Romania’s praised underground, The Other Side sound is something you can easily fall in love with. Especially this year, as Maher Daniel teamed up with Ricardo Villalobos for the Changes trilogy, with its second part going strong in prerelease here

Maher Daniel accepted our invitation for selecting a handful of tracks from his musical universe and decided to bring a bit of sunshine onto this uncertain moments, with 5 types of inspiration to get us through the hard times

Pink Floyd – Time

Jimi Hendrix – Castle Made of Sand

A Tribe Called Quest – Push It Along

Caribou – Home

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Breakthrough