Mihai Popescu aka MP Selects: 5 Tracks With Memorable Piano Strings

    Maybe it’s the slightly melancholic summery taste, maybe it’s the daydreaming state of mind we slide each time we listen to his tracks, maybe it’s the dusty house vibes we couldn’t find anywhere else. The thing is we love every single release Mihai Popescu aka MP has launched until now, be it under Soulsity, his own imprint, at Raresh’ Metereze or disguised behind the Aquaphresca moniker.

    So it was about time to take a trip into his vibrant musical universe as Mihai was kind enough to select 4 tracks and 1 album he enjoys at home, bound together through the piano strings.


    SKNAIL – Snail Charmers

    Chick Corea/Return To Forever – 1972

    Tom Jobim – Takatanga

    _ne — 00000

    Erik K Skodvin — Matiné

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