Robin Ordell is that breed of artists you can add the cosmopolitan  tag to his affinity for the house & techno underground. Raised in Nice, he was absorbed into London’s electronic vibe where he quickly adapted, checking gigs at Fabric and later on a full residency for the Half Baked parties. As for his producer alter ego, Robin’s minimalistic sound with touches of jazz and deep soulful groove has seen the light of vinyl on labels like Half Baked, EKLO or Discobar.

Robin was kind enough to dig into his DJ case and reveal 5 records he’s currently playing, produced by some of his friends ;)

Le Loup – Ygam [Shadow Play]

Long time friend and Half Baked associate, Le Loup has been putting out quality music for a while now. Le Loup and his girlfriend recently started their own label and are releasing super cool tracks. I’ve always been a big fan of Leo’s music, sampling, synthesisers, drum machines, there’s something there for all tastes.


Onirik – Aqualoop [Ministerium] 

One of my closest friends but also a killer in the studio and at work distributing loads of our friends’ labels, Onirik just put out this EP for Lisbon’s Ministerium record label. Deep and trippy is what he does best if you ask me! 


Pablo Tarno – Gunkan [Finest Hour]

Pablo Tarno’s skills on the MPC allow him to make super groovy music that works every time on the dance floor. This one is a surefire TIP!


Hamid – Track 2 [H+]

A modular and sound freak I’m also happy to call my flatmate. Hamid’s music has plenty of weird sounds and deep vibes to feast upon. I’ve been giving this one a spin in the early hours of the night. Bliss!


Laccy – Owt for Nowt [Timeless]

This guy just moved across the road from me! Super nice guy and killer DJ too. Heard Federico (Onirik) playing this track for the first time as we were playing in CDV and had to get my hands on it. Simple and effective. Big up Laccy!