2019 was a year full of surprises, a year that has brought some slight shifts & changes in our mission. Yes, we’re in love with what the house & techno underground has to offer, from the dark sweaty dancefloors filled with thick baselines to the post party depression. At the same time, we like to call ourselves explorers. Explorers of this rich musical universe we’re surrounded by, with all its weird interpretations and forgotten memories. This is how the Playlists series came to life: some of our favourite artists guided us through their very personal musical realm, to discover new subgenres, new approaches and new interpretations. To discover music in all its forms and visions. Over 70 artists have already contributed to this series, confirming the vastness of this universe. Of course, we’ll continue working on this next year, with new ideas and projects to support our curatorial efforts.

Until then, here is a list with the most listened track selections we hosted in 2019. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did. See you in the next decade! :)

Arapu Selects: 5 Tracks From His Multicolored Musical Universe

includes tracks from Pepe Bradock, Floating Points and Wu-Tang Clan

Prichindel Selects: 5 Tracks To Lower Your Heart Rate

includes tracks from Lauryn Hill, Gramatik and Naked Funk

Cristi Cons Selects: 5 Tracks From The Minimalistic Side Of Classical Music

includes tracks from Steve Reich, Arica and William Basinski

Sepp Selects: 5 Tracks For The Daily Joy Of Your Ears

includes tracks from Grace Jones, Tosca and Bryan Ferry

Cosmin TRG Selects: 10 Amazing Electronic Moments Forged Into Romania’s Underground

includes tracks from Petre Inspirescu, Cindy Cat and Khidja