Yeah, preparing for the sunless cold weather in the Northern hemisphere of this blue planet we call home, but it seemed like the perfect timing for dusting off this little track selection we received from tINI almost 5 years ago. tINI who? tINI who danced shoulder to shoulder with us at quite a few Sunwaves editions, right before she took up the stage, all by herself or teaming up with Bill Patrick under the RollsNDo moniker.

So, with no further introduction, here are four tracks, handpicked by tINI, to send your mind a few months into the future, when you’d be only worried about not finding cold beer at the backstage bar.

The perfect track for a perfect sunday afternoon on the beach with the gang

tINI – Schorle

One of your weapons when it comes to stunning out the dancefloor mid-set

The track that screams Sunwaves afterparty!

The song you hummed today