Vincent Lemieux Selects: 5 Tracks That Define Harco Pront’s Weird Sound Signature

    Teaming up with artists like Akufen or Deadbeat for curating Musique Risquée (his own imprint operating as a sublabel for Mutek_Rec) says just about everything about Montreal’s Vincent Lemieux. He has contributed to Mutek Festival‘s programming ever since 2000, but his real strength feels best when behind the decks. A fine record selector, Vincent Lemieux has toured all over Europe, showcasing his subtle disco, funk, soul and hip hop influences in memorable nights. Speaking of those, he’s the one behind the amazing Soirée Risquée and Disco Dessert nights, as well as yearly apparitions at Berlin’s Panorama Bar as part of Get Perlonized. Now a member of the eclectic Toi.Toi artists family, he will take over Club Guesthouse on the 21st of Februrary to kick off Toi Toi’s 10 years anniversary tour, alongside Sammy Dee, Dan Andrei and Dubtil

    Vincent was kind enough to contribute to our famous Playlists series with a 5 tracks selection coming from Harco Pont, an obscure Dutch producer who has released only one album and a couple of EPs’: a somehow weird combination of Perlon references with jazz chunks and lofi hip hop.

    Harco Pont – Justafool
    Harco Pont – Cool
    Harco Pont – Fake Ass Beatnik
    Harco Pont – Earth’s Shape

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