Giving the fact that we are mainly humble record collectors, you don’t see many dance floor oriented records around us. Yet, there are a few ones that populate our special groove record shelf and MOi label is included.

We actually got hooked from their first releases, with the first EP still resurfacing some nice Sunwaves memories with its straightforward summery groove.

Fast forward 3 years, in 2018, and we get the chance to rediscover the initial creative force of MOi, after a few releases that didn’t shine like the first ones.

Same pattern as the previous 8 releases, MOi 09 proposes 2 untitled tracks, each of them covering a whole record side, with Side B a little bit deeper than A, yet both cuts fueling a neverending groove, popping around the trippy line. Both sides store energy just to release it into unexpected percussion breaks, subtle in their housey nature, just the way we like it.

Coming from Ukraine straight on our pickup, here’s our pick for this week, still on stocks at Misbits Record Shop.

MOi 09 [MOi]