In the past two decades I’ve been living in a love-hate relationship with a handful of artists and their releaseas. Wareika, the german electronic trio that has gifted us with the seminal Park Harmonie on Perlon in 2010, falls into this category with almost every album I put my hands on. Too techno to digest it as a mellow take on electronic music, too ellaborate and eclectic to keep it strictly on the dance floor, Wareika’s sound has been a perfect match for the Visionquest’s New Detroit statements, although you can find some interesting releases on labels like Amphia, Tartelet or Mule Musiq.

Shamania, coming up on the german minimal oriented Sleep Is Commercial, stays in line with Wareika’s works: same persistance in experimenting with sounds, crashing piano strings into tribal rhythms and futuristic loops, this time choosing a microhouse framework. Dunkle Dummies take it to a more danceable level with the tech house flavoured No Stop Mix, introducing the next two sides, or the main reason we talk about Shamania. A rare to be seen team in the production studio, Ricardo Villalobos & Thomas Melkior, deliver 2 impressive remixes. Bearing mostly Ricardo’s signature sound, destined to call up on your 5AM dance floor anxiety, the cuts inherit just a subtle atmosphere from the original, lost somewhere into the deranged techno imagined by Villalobos and Melkior.

Wareika Shamania [Sleep Is Commercial] is now in presale at Misbits Record Shop, you can reserve your copy following this link.