Christopher Ledger’s Vinyl Alter Ego

    Vinyl records: the fragile and yet so powerful musical format that stood the test of time and had a Phoenix like comeback in the past years, part thanks to the myriad of independent electronic record labels that praised its warm sound and decided to provide the proper tools for the house & techno underground. So it was about time to look at some of our favourite artists through their record collection perspective, a filter that would reveal a new side of their complex musical personality.

    For the debut of our newest musical journey into the electronic underground, dubbed Vinyl Alter Egos, we chose Christopher Ledger, who made a strong impression in the past couple of years with his emotion driven productions (released on Brouqade, Animae or his own imprint, CL) and electrifying sets all over Europe.

    A second hand dig I’m most proud of
    Da Kine – Samoa EP (Driftwood)
    Found this gem during an afternoon spent at the second hand shop ‘The Record Loft’ in Berlin, when I moved there about three years ago.

    The record I’d love to see repressed
    Snd – Tplay,1:5 LP (Snd)

    The label I’d buy all their releases without even listening to them
    I’m pretty selective.
Of course I’ve my favorite labels and artists but I don’t think I’d buy a release without giving it a proper listen first.

    The record artwork that blows my mind every time I look at it
FKA Twigs ‎– LP1 (Young Turks)

    The record that triggers childhood memories
    Nas – Illmatic (Columbia Records)

    The record shop I would spend my whole savings in

    The record that never leaves my DJ bag
    Villalobos ‎– Alcachofa (playhouse)

    Last record I checked its price on discogs
    Ion Ludwig – Ghost II Coast (Ugold Series).
    I already own a copy of the album but would like to get another one to leave it in my record collection.
    The one in my dj bag is getting too many scratches.

    Last record I bought for my home listening pleasure
    Loscil – Sea Island (Kranky)

    The record closest to my heart from my entire collection
    Debussy : Philippe Entremont ‎– Clair De Lune: A Debussy Piano Recital By Philippe Entremont (Columbia Masterworks)


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