Drivetrain – The Only One pops into my mind

I digged out a hidden favourite from a time that had a strong influence on what people are still doing today in the genre. Also I avoided to go for the more well known names or obvious vibes.

So here’s what I feel is deep house. Beyond the usual elements such as organ sounds or piano samples this one brings all the vibe – hot and melancholic at the same time. The dubby bassline, the emotional chords, the introspective voices.. it’s all in there in an abstract and innovative form – soulful, subtly dark and sensual..

Member of the legendary Playhouse record label, LoSoul has always taken inspiration from jazz, funk and soul. One of the reasons he’s one of our all time favourite producers.

His remix for Anthony Georges Patrice’s X5NRG, soon to be released on Ausblick, can be preordered here