Radu Dracul is known under The Model alias, the name he has used for more than 20 years to deliver raw energy to techno hungry crowds. We talk about eclectic slices of house & techno, that also made it to Traum Schallplatten, Crosstown Rebels, Autoreply or DJ Hell’s Gigolo Records a few years ago. Adult Central, his own imprint, has been hosting his releases since 2015, delivering bangers in the wider spectrum of house & techno, with touches of Chicago house and flared techno.

This year revealing his more personal alter ego, Radu Dracul introduces us to his rich musical universe with 5 tracks that takes us as far as doom metal and 90s’ rave. His track selection took us to his very intimate musical moments, that served as influential points in his selector journey.

Radu Dracul played at Joris Voorn Album Tour – Bucharest, Saturday the 7th of December at Deschi Atelier, an event set by Cyclic and fueled by BURN Energy.

David Holmes – No Man’s Land

Taken from his album “this film’s crap let’s slash the seats”, an absolutely amazing electronic album from 1995. really blew my mind in those years as i had just gotten into electronic music and i was hungry for anything that was good and had a vision. this album was a collection of mutant sounding tracks and emotional gems that created a mesmerizing, tough to swallow at times collection of tracks.

Pestilence – Spheres

Not a lot of people know i was and i still am a huge fan of death metal and doom, i had a friend in high-school, aurelian, who educated me in this area. he was a specialist, his album collection well exceeded 1000 titles at the time. this album from pestilence was quite a departure from their traditional style, which was amazing anyway. but they decided to do something so revolutionary it wound up being one of the most remarkable moments of the genre. it also cost them a lot of fans, people who would not want to embrace the genius new sound.

Jeff Mills – The Keeping Of The Kept

Mr Mills is a personal hero of mine, and his sound-track for the silent movie Metropolis was something of a life event for me. the depth, the vision and the craftsmanship of this album is second to none. almost 20 years on, you can’t beat this.

Boxia – A Day In The Life Of

Boxia’s recent album on Drumcode is a collection of tunes that brought a lot of excitement and wonder back into techno. drawing inspiration from the old 90’s trance and ambient feelings, he is able to deliver a collection of tracks so powerful and suitable for the dance-floor while still fostering emotion and character. really refreshing

Big Zen – LoveUm

one of my latest vinyl purchases, this is an epic journey into the early days of uk rave and jungle, done in an ethereal and epic way. you can either play this at an afterhours or listen to it at home. satisfaction guaranteed either way.