If you are comfortable with the underground electronic culture, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Subb-an and his sensitive, raw, yet enticingly deep sound, under the form of his amazing DJ sets (Fabric, DC10 or Panorama Bar, to name a few DJ booths he is familiar with) or by listening to his productions on labels like Cabinet Records, Cocoon or Beste.

So, to mark his presence in this year’s Sunwaves Festival lineup, we asked him to tip us with 5 memorable tracks he has used in his sets. His latest EP, Self Control/Only Now, released at One Records, the label he runs together with Adam Shelton, hit the shelves earlier this month.

Nice Psycho: Tonite (Tonite Mix)

The ultimate feel good tune. I have Adam Shelton to thank for introducing me to this. I only ever play it when it feels right, it’s not one to be wasted and when I do play it’s smiles all round!

Ricardo Villalobos – Peculiar

I absolutely love this record. It has everything for me in a track, the groove and the vibe never fails on a dance floor and I have had some amazing moments being out when this track has been played.

Ion Ludwig – Mission Architects

I always remember first hearing this in Berlin at Renate on a monday morning when the sun was coming up and fell in love with the record instantly, has a really classy sound too it.

Panos & Sentenza – Tabletop Romance (San Proper remix)

I’ve closed a lot of sets with this record, I love the arragment and different sections within the track. Reminds me of sunrise sets when you can feel that summer heat and you’ve been firing on all cylinders for days!

Portable – Deeper Love (Soul Capsule’s Ghetto Mix) [PERLON93]

Soul Capusle have to be in my eyes one of the greatest contributors to the scene, creating art with all the music they put out. This remix of portable has does the job so many times and I never tire of it.