The 5 Most Popular Track Selections In 2017 On

    Woah, what a year we had! Started as mission to cover Romania’s underground in a rather playful and humorous note, our little project morphed into a home for good music, expanding its horizon beyond electronic music with the help of some of our favourite record selectors. Our online radio grew up to host over 80 hours of hand picked tracks sharing that deep groove we’re always craving for and the site’s structure changed more into an online tool for music discovery ;)

    So, to wrap up this amazing year, we listed below the 5 most popular reads in 2017, that happen to be 5 epic track selections. Enjoy, party hard and save some energy for a year even better than this one!

    Vlad Caia Selects: 6 Experimental Tracks That Will Haunt Your Dreams

    Cezar Selects: 4 Amazing Jazz Pieces From Modern Times

    Alexandra Selects: 10 Tracks From My Phone That I Listen To During My Flights

    Suciu Selects 5+1 Hypnotic Trip Hop Tracks

    Cristi Cons Selects: 5 Tracks From The Minimalistic Side Of Classical Music

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