Pe lângă rețete cu melci, franzele fragede și greve spontane, francezii se mai pricep la ceva: muzică electronică! Și cel mai bun exemplu este un trio care de câțiva ani a pus umărul serios la revitalizarea underground-ului parizian: Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom și Shonky sau, mai pe scurt, APOLLONIA!

Am fost părtași la câteva DJ sets devastatoare semnate Apollonia, combinația perfectă de house & techno, și ne-am delectat cu albumul de debut Tour a Tour care s-a bucurat de un super turneu din America de Sud până în colțul cel mai îndepărtat al Asiei via Europa

Și dacă tot i-am suprins pe oameni în mijlocul turneului, fix înainte de debutul lor în pupitrul Kristal Glam Club (februarie 2015), am scos câteva picanterii într-un interviu exclusiv: de la cele mai lungi perioade fără somn și până la clubul cu cea mai multă energie.

The hidden details of Apollonia on tour – 2014 – 2015


Best sound system you have played on the album tour so far?

Shonky: One of the things we’ve enjoyed about the tour so far is that we’ve had the chance to play on some of the more ‘classic’ clubs’ sound systems, that we’re already familiar with clubs like fabric. We’ve played there a lot and the system is amazing, so it was great to be back there as part of the tour. We also had the opportunity to play on a few systems we hadn’t played on before, which we’d heard are really cool, like Stereo in Montreal.

Dan: It’s a customized analogue sound system.

Shonky: Also, when we played at BPM Festival it was really cool because the guys who organized the party we played at brought the sound system with them all the way from Canada. That was really, really dope.


The crowd with the most pumping energy on the album tour so far?

Dan: So far 99% of the gigs we’ve had during the tour have been killer… and so, there have been a lot of pumping crowds. But if I have to pick one amazing crowd, it was at Rex Club in Paris.

Shonky: Rex Club was really cool yeah.

Dyed: Rex Club was amazing.

One funny BPM memory?

Dan: We played four days in a row, so we don’t have any memories at all!


Which Asian club are you eagerly waiting to play this spring?

All three of them: Womb in Tokyo.

Dan: Womb for sure, but every gig is important. We’re excited about Womb because it’s not the first time we’ve been there.

Shonky: Individually we’ve been there before, but it’s the first we’ve played there together… so we’re really excited about that one. That’s also where we close the tour, which will make it extra special.

The messiest night on the tour?

Dan: Every night!

Longest period of time with no sleep on the tour?

Dan: Five months.

Please choose a track each track closest to your heart from the album.

Dan: For me it’s ‘Haight Street’. I’ve always been into my west coast mid-nineties sound…

Shonky: I’d say ‘June’ because we really built the track up as a song and had a lot of good times while making it.

Dyed: I’ll choose ‘The Benshee’ because of the video we made for it. Every time I hear it I think of the puppets and it makes me laugh.

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