Nemții se pricep la mașini. La varză murată. La obscurități xxx. La bere. La pantaloni scurți.

Am uitat ceva? Ah, da, TECHNO! Și unul dintre cele mai bune exemple pentru asta este Pan-Pot! 2 băieți serioși în aparență care și-au început cariera prin 2005 pe lângă mobilee-ul Anjei Schneider, ajungând rapid să fie extrem de solicitați cam pe tot continentul.

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Și cum Pan-Pot se vor instala confortabil în pupitrul Kristal Glam Club vineri 27.02, i-am luat la întrebări legat despre turul de anul trecut din Asia, despre label-ul lor (Second State) și despre scena electronică românească

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You ended up 2014 with a nice Asian tour, from Japan to Bali. How does that part of the world react to techno?

Tassilo: We love Asia! It seems that Techno is not that developed there yet and for this the people are really hungry for it and it’s a great scene. But since the first time we came there people really got more into it. Our parties were more crowded and for example in Bangkog people really went off like crazy. We definitively can see a great development there.

Thomas: Crazy, the parties are there like the traffic, craaaazy! :)



Best sound system you had on the Asian tour?

Tassilo: I would say Womb this time, it has a really amazing PA but the best ever soundsystem we played on in Asia was also Tokio at Ageha. It looks like a spacehip and is a like a weapon. :)



The weirdest meal you had on the Asian tour?

Thomas: Fugu fish in Japan! It was really exciting because it can be poisoning but it tastes great.


You’re a regular act in Bucharest already for some years. What’s the first thing that pops into your minds when you hear ‘Romania’?

Thomas: Madness and very long nights!

Tassilo: Also very friendly, super musically educated and openminded people. And some great producers you have there. Sunwaves, enthusiasm, hands up, groovy.


Who is the Romanian producer you really enjoyed lately?

Tassilo: Do you know Rhadoo? If not you should check him out :D


If you had to name just 1 Pan-Pot track to summarize your sound, what track would that be?

Thomas: charlycaptainmycaptaincrankfiftyfiftysplit :)

Tassilo: That is a track to come, very soon. :) Honestly this is impossible to say for me because when you follow our productions you will see that we like a lot of different styles combined with our Pan-Pot “production standards”.


The label closest to your hearts?

Tassilo & Thomas: Second State


How’s 2015 going to be for Pan-Pot?

Thomas: This will be a very busy and exciting year as we are looking forward to another album of our see the day of light on our own label…

Tassilo: …Second State :)