Ai făcut poză prietenei “ținând” turnul Eiffel în mână? Ați halit împreună câteva crêpes pe străduțele din Monmartre, cât să-ți desfaci primii 2 nasturi la pantaloni? Ați băut o cafeluță de 15 euro pe Champs-Élysées? Bun, înseamnă că ai epuizat o parte din clișeele turistice specifice Parisului și ești gata să faci pasul spre ceva mai fin: underground-ul electronic, ghidați de Monsieur Georget, parizian get beget și DJ care a crescut odată cu scena house & techno a orașului său de suflet.


Ne-am conectat la soundtrack-ul perfect (un set marca Monsieur Georget, realizat exclusiv din producțiile sale) și ne-am lăsat luați de mânuță și purtați prin câteva locuri speciale, departe de hoardele de turiști


Best street food place to grab a bite before a long clubbing night

I can tell you from the place with the lightest menu to the heaviest one depending on how long you have to digest before the party. I know of some really tasty vegan restaurants, which you can one easily in the area of Marais. In the Japanese area close to Opéra, especially Rue Sainte-Anne and the streets around there you can find some really good Japanese restaurants that serve up great Udon noodles and fried Chicken. Personally I like to go to Kunitoraya or Gyozabar, produced by a Japanese chef of a 2 stared french restaurant is also nice. The deco, ambiance and the quality are well performed.

For something a bit heavier, a real good Neapolitan pizza at Big Mamma will fill your stomach up a treat. A nice piece of meat, like entrecote, in a welcoming, friendly place is another option. The restaurant L’atelier des Artistes is one worth checking out. I know the owner really well. He actually booked me in the past for his party, held here in Paris, called La Terrassa at Concorde Atlantic. Paris is full of good restaurants, so many in fact that I could write a big book about them. I might even do that one day…

The club that holds the nicest memories from your early DJing years

My best place for early memories of wild raves back at the beginning of the nineties, in terms of clubs, for me has to be Rex. That place is always good, and I have some precious memories from the old school days. More recently, I played there in January for my friend Phil Weeks, it was friendly label night. We ate in the restaurant together with another friend, Joss Moog, before the gig. At the party itself I performed live under my alias Monsieur Georget, playing stuff that was very different to what I’m doing on Robsoul. The people really enjoyed it, Phil played a nice set and we finished spinning back to back right until the end. Rex is a club that will stand forever, I hope anyway


Coolest under the radar spot when it comes to quality house & techno underground

I like a party call Most Wanted. I was one of the first bookings a couple years ago. It was a weird night because it snowed in Paris, which is quite unusual – we were worried no one would come, but a decent crowd turned out and the dance floor was rocking. Since then I’ve played DJ sets and live sets a few times, sharing the bill with Fred P and the next with Jus-ed. They book DJs like Fumiya, Bihn, Cristi Cons, Sammy Dee, Nicolas Lutz…


Your one stop shop when your record collection needs a refresh

Every week without fail I go to a shop which is in my area called Synchrophone. They have a lot of strange and rare vinyl, plus they also distribute my Adult Only and Sound Carrier records. It’s a cool shop, where you can just spend time listening to great music and chilling.

The place to go when you want a cool jazz live session

There are some old clubs here in Paris to listen to jazz, as you might expect. The New Morning is one of my favorite, they have a radio station online too. In Lombard Street close Chatelet Duke des Lombars is another famous one – also the Sunset Sunside and Le Baiser salé are on the same street. Le Petit Journal in Montparnasse is nice too. The last live performance I saw was really good, it was Bilboquet at Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which a very old, famous spot.


The club where you catch some young parisian DJing talents

All clubs have young Paris guys playing, most of the time they’re warming up… from Rex to Concrete.

The french label you’ve never been disappointed by.

Apollonia it’s not really old but every release is playable, some other labels I really like have super good release and also some stuff I don’t like. Apollonia is consistent. I like my own label too, Adult Only, because all the music is my choice 100% héhé.


The party series that best catches the Paris night vibes

The first was at Mozinor where some crazy raves took place in the early nineties. After the middle of the nineties Xanadu went down in party history here in France, taking place in many wild locations like castles, it’s really impossible to forget those parties. After parties at Batofar and Zèbre were the best Sunday workouts hosted by Dan Ghenacia with many DJs who are pushing the sound of the moment earned their stripes. Katapult was cool for minimal movement. The most recent one I’d mention is Most Wanted.

Albumul de debut Monsieur Georget a văzut lumina zilei la propriul label, Adult Only, iar noi am scris despre el aici.