Breating Valencia’s sunny vibes, it comes with no surprise that Alex Font‘s productions slide on the positive side of minimal house music. acmé, his record label that hosts both his music as well as music from established Romanian producers, are the living proof. Third Stream, another vinyl only imprint, serves only the real crate diggers with releases limited to 300 copies each.

Is it only the pleasant weather of his hometown in Spain that served as fuel for Alex Font’s music? It would be nice, yet the influences come from a wider musical spectrum, so we asked Alex to compile a list with his all time favourite tracks that shaped his today’s sound. From Sade to Vladislav Delay, from Ricardo Villalobos to Adonis y Osain del Monte, here they are 👇

Sade – Paradise


Ceu – Malemolencia


Adonis y Osain del Monte – Sin Comentarios


Niña Pastori – Tu me camelas


Ivan Melon Lewis – El Viajero 1


Vladislav Delay – Entain


Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter