Vlad Caia Selects: 6 Experimental Tracks That Will Haunt Your Dreams

    All by himself or alongside his good friend Cristi Cons as SIT, Vlad Caia is by no means a soundscapes explorer: not searching to collect applause yet choosing some off beaten paths in his musical journeys. And from this sheer pleasure of ignoring any rules, combined with jazz, classical music or experimental influences, a handful of memorable records were born, released on Amphia Records, which he co-runs with Cristi Cons.

    As we were aware of his passion for experimental music (you can check his live session with G76 a few years ago), we challenged Vlad to name 6 tracks that would follow us into the dream world after listening :)

    Specimens – A Marble Hallway (Sculptures 2017)

    Specimens – Organ Loops (Sculptures 2017)

    Ash Ra Tempel – Le Sourire Volé (Le Berceau De Cristal 1994)

    Peter Michael Hamel – Organum (Organum 1986)

    Roméo Poirier – Apella (Plage Arrière 2016)

    ThetLiturgiskeOwäsendet – Catalina (LobsterSleepSequence 2016)

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