As a solo project or as part of SIT or Amorf, we only met one side of Vlad Caia’s complex musical personality: the one that is closely related to the dancefloor. Yet, as some of his releases suggest, there is more than meets the eye (actually the ear :D): a profound appetite for sonic experiments and ambient soundscapes, destined to displace strong emotions.

Vlad Caia was kind enough to show us a bit of this complex underground world with a 6 tracks selection that would haunt your dreams.

Zenxen – Immersing Void

Amon – Tanit Zerga

Phillip Sollmann and Konrad Sprenger – Modular Organ System

blackbody_radiation – Particle Float

Starving Weirdos – For Vinny

Demdike Stare – Rain & Shame