We once again meet our Midweek Pick rubrique goal (that is “ultra short review of what we were listening to obsessively in the past days, regardless the release date, artist or even genre”) to present you this odd electronic menage a trois between a frecnchman, a dannish guy and a dutchman: Lazare Hoche,S.A.M and Malin Genie aka Mandar.

In line with their previous collaborative releases, the album (spanned across no less than 5 records) has this somehow dreamy feel of going back in time, when house music was more than a few loops stripped down to their boresom essentials. A bit of modern progressive nostalgia with Another Joint, some happy breaks with Ascend, weird ambient cuts, a lot of minimally designed house music and you’ll get yourself an overall picture of Mandar’s vision about modern electronic music.

Our personal favourites: Delon and Else

Listen to the album in full below: