Cooked in Cologne’s (Germany) fertile underground, Andy Kolwes’ sound is by no means presenting a minimal DNA, regardless of various influences, from Detroit Techno to dub. Andy’s debut album, a double LP released at Anyway at the end of 2018, uses the traction from his previous releases on Pressure Traxx, All Inn and La Pena and takes it further to some uncharted territories, almost impossible to tag under a specific electronic subgenre. Some may say it’s all about minimal techno, we say the album difuses the abstract minimal lines into a more soulful sound. Either way, it is one piece of wax worth adding to your collection.

Curious of what is hiding behind his dance floor personality, we sat down with Andy Kolwes for a small chat, digging deep into his private record collection, to reveal his vinyl alter ego for the rest of us. Enjoy!


A second hand dig I’m most proud of…

I am proud of them all, it always depends on the mood and time. At the moment I am very proud that I found this great one

G. Pal Productions – Sometimes I Have Tried (Part 2) Check this out!



The record I’d love to see it repressed…

Soul Capsule – ‘Las Ramblas’ on Trelik. They repressed ‘Lady Science’, so why not?! Currently around 60 euros on Discogs…



The label I’d buy all their releases without even listening to them

That’s a very optimistic point of view!



The record artwork that blows my mind every time I look at it

Bildergebnis für Mama Lou – [MTT001]

The combination of the name, cover and music is so obscure , that i still cannot believe what I’m looking at when I pull it out of the bag.


The record that triggers childhood memories:

Immature – ‘Da Munchies’.



The record shop I would spend my whole savings in:

You can find something nice everywhere but in the end it’s more about quality than quantity. I can spend hours at Spacehall Berlin, Wally’s Groove World in Antwerp or Technique Tokyo. All highly recommended by myself!


The record that never leaves my DJ bag…

Kerry Chandler – ‘Where’s The Baby?’ Once you listen to it you’ll understand…



The last record I checked its price on discogs:

Pop Rocks ‎– Purple Jelly EP (Acid Purple). More brilliant stuff from Gemini.



Last record I bought for my home listening pleasure:

I don’t buy records only for club gigs, so more or less they are all for my home pleasure first. But I guess you mean stuff like this, right? :)



The record closest to my heart from my entire collection:

Tight now it is this one: Obelix – ‘Whatever’ (Steve O’Sullivan remix)

But if you ask me in 5 minutes again, I might tell you another!


Andy Kolwes ‘Album’ is out now via Anyway. Buy/listen here …and keep up with Andy on Facebook here