With releases for Slices Of Life, Ultrastech or Quirk, Foehn & Jerome duo have spread their love for smooth house & techno around Europe, while holding also a residency for the past 10 years at Club Der Visionaere for the past 10 years under the Perfumed Lovers name. Founded recently, the eponymous label brought us its first release, The Frisbee Of No Return, the perfect balance between tripped out minimalistic grooves and textures of house music.

Intrigued by their ability to capture the diversity of electronic music in their DJ sets and productions, we asked the Austrian fellows to reveal their Vinyl Alter Egos. They were kind enough to answer our questions, pointing out some great gems they have discovered through their crate diggings, driven only by the pure passion for records. Read on!

A second hand dig I’m most proud of

Fabian: As I really love to dig also into all different kinds of music, not just club music, I was happy to stumble across a Grace Jones remix by accident. It’s a super clubby, groovy version of “Sex Drive“ remixed by Maurice Joshua for Vibe Music Productions, released on „Island Red Label“ in 1993. I don’t know… as I have been listening to Grace Jones since my childhood and then this remix… maybe that makes me a little bit proud.


The record I’d love to see it repressed

Jerome: “Bi-Face – Free EP“ on Aural Audio Records from 1992. Especially the track „Lock“. This record just reminds me so much of the early raves where I first got into this music. I would love to see this one repressed one day.


The label I’d buy all their releases without even listening to them

Fabian: Just noticed I’ve got almost the entire collection of Fumiya Tanaka’s “Sundance“ label. When the next release comes out, I’ll be sure to grab a copy. The sound has really grown on me.


The record artwork that blows my mind every time I look at it

Jerome: “Parliament – Trombipulation” I love all the Parliament / Funkadelic covers, but this one has something special for me, the colours, the idea. I fall in love with it every time I see it. For a very long time it was always this particular cover, but to be honest, when I saw what Fabian had done for the first Perfumed Freedom release, I was blown away.


The record that triggers childhood memories

Fabian: The record that really triggers me the most is “Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé’s Choir – Burning“, specifically the track “Deep Burnt“. I remember a family friend, also a music lover and vinyl collector, who used to bring back records from his travels around the world due to his job. He was always a source of unheard music and a widening of our musical horizons. But when he unveiled this particular record, it was life changing. It marked my initial step into house music, and to this day, it remains the one that triggers the strongest emotions in me


The record shop I would spend my whole savings in

Jerome: “Soul Trade Records“ in Berlin – There are just so many Funk and Soul and Jazz classics that I’d like to have in my collection one day. For Techno/House/Minimal it would definitely be Bikini Waxx or Hardwax in Berlin.



Fabian: It is probably “The Crazy Brazilian – Rodeo Clown” on Cross Section Records from 2011. Specifically the track “Charged”. I love this track and it’s in my record bag almost every time, not that I play it at every gig but its mostly with me.


Last record I checked its price on Discogs

Jerome: The last record I checked on Discogs was once again “Strider. B. – Bradley’s Robot“. Still too expensive haha.


Last record I bought for my home listening pleasure

Fabian: I really like to go to music concerts, and I love it when the artists sell their records on a little table after the show, so I picked up a copy of “Café Drechsler: And Now…Boogie!“ after seeing them play in Austria.


The record closest to my heart from my entire collection

Jerome: “Roy Ayers – Virgin Ubiquity II“. I always wanted to have this album on vinyl, but somehow it never happened. Finally I got it as a birthday present from my girlfriend. It’s one of the albums I’ve listened to the most and it has a lot of good memories for me. Especially the song “I Like The Way You Do It To Me”.